I have always loved working out. Back in 08’ my mom started this new fitness routine at her gym (not called CrossFit at the time); she loved and raved about it to me. She encouraged me to try it. At the same time my husband Matt started doing CrossFit out of our garage. I started seeing his results immediately. Being the competitive one in my family, there was no way I was going to let him get fitter than me. My first garage WOD included 12” box jumps and I thought they were the hardest thing I have EVER done! I immediately fell in love and never turned back.

There is so much I love about CrossFit. The most impactful part of CrossFit is the community. I am so lucky to be to be surrounded with such amazing people everyday, who push themselves to places they never thought possible. When I am coaching and someone gets a PR on a lift or their fist pull-up I get such a high and feel so blessed I get to be a part of it.

The physical rewards and constant development of mental strength are a big part of why I love this sport. I believe in CrossFit, I believe in it will not only encourage a healthier lifestyle, but will provide you with a no-excuse approach to your daily life and the ability to reach every goal you set. More than anything, I love that CrossFit has given people the ability to have fun and get fit at the sametime. Although it may not seem fun at the time during that long WOD, I always look back and think “that was fun!”

“It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun”

Aside from coaching and competing my greatest joy comes from my family; husband Matt, my two amazing kids and my dog Rocco (third kid). I love that CrossFit is a family affair for us. I look forward to not only seeing myself progress in the sport over the years but my children as well.

Favorite CrossFIt WOD: I don’t have one particular favorite wod.

Goat: Muscle ups. I have been doing them a lot more and i’m finally started to get comfortable on those rings. I now actually look forward to practicing them.

Daily CrossFit Go to site: NcLab, to see what my friend Molly Vollmer and crew are up to and the Main Site. CrossFit Mayhem is a good one too.

Favorite cheat food: I am not a cheater…but when I do I go pizza!

Favorite CrossFit Athlete: I do not have one particular “favorite” crossfit athlete. However, I am truly inspired by amazing women who are not only full-time CrossFit athletes but also full-time mommas. I think finding the balance to be good at both can be challenging. It always pumps me up to see these women excel at the games because you know they got a lot more going on besides CrossFit.

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