I started CrossFit in 2008 in my garage. There was something about the different movements, constantly varied programming that set it apart from other more traditional strength and conditioning programs. I could see the results of my training within a few weeks and within months I was changed forever. I knew then CrossFit was something special.

CrossFit has changed my life and helped me realize my dream of creating a place for people of all levels of fitness and health to come and truly get FIT. No gimmicks, no easy road, no fancy slogans. Just hard work, commitment and providing fitness opportunities for people that they never thought were possible.

I believe in a multitude of fitness, kinetic and athletic modalities; these modalities are instilled into each and every athlete, physical fitness enthusiast, or those that are just trying to get back into shape in a way that is unique, adaptive and functional.

Utilizing a vast foundation of education and experience, forged over years of hard work and a lot of fun, my partners and I have been able to build something truly special at CrossFit North Marin. My passion extends beyond fitness to being the best motivator, coach, mentor and volunteer in my community; children’s’ schools; youth sports and most of all the best father, husband and friend to my wife Nicole and my two beautiful children McKenzie and Dawson.

My formal education includes a degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition at San Francisco State University, 20+ years as Licensed California State Paramedic and EMS instructor, and over 20 years training as a Firefighter and Training Officer.

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