My first WOD was Baseline at CFNM. It took me 6:28 and I felt nauseous for another 20 minutes after. I thought I was in shape. I left my ego at the door and returned day after day, slowly but surely gained strength, stamina and some fun new skills. “I can’t do that” turned into “I can’t wait to try that.”

Once CrossFit got into my daily schedule, it started sneaking its way into my daily life inside and outside the gym. The next thing I knew, I was skipping that extra beer and going to bed earlier just so I could perform better on the WOD the next day. My friends and coworkers have joined in because they see how much I love it and how great I feel. But less obviously, since beginning CrossFit, I have far fewer days of back pain (previously having been chronic since the age of 18), which I attribute to a greater core and back strength as well as learning and daily practice of better mechanics. I have also stopped using all my inhalers which I used to use daily for “exercise induced” asthma. Diet has also been a huge contributor to my overall health and well-being. My diet is now much less inflammatory, (no wheat or gluten, no legumes, far less sugar, dairy and alcohol). All off this change was sparked by getting into CrossFit and joining this amazing community.

Now  several years later, I’ve been given the incredible honor of coaching other CrossFit athletes helping them reach new goals inside and outside the gym. CrossFit has changed my life in so many positive ways, I can’t even count, and it seems to keep changing me for the better every day. My CrossFit family pumps me up every day whether it’s a PR day or seeing another athlete achieve a new goal. I love this sport and I can’t wait to share it with you!

When I am not in the gym, I am at Marin General Hospital delivering babies or at home with my husband Joe and my beautiful children Rowan (6) and Asher (4).

Favorite CrossFIt WOD: Naughty Nancy. I did this once with Coach Nicole outside her house. Barbells in the street. It was the perfect combination of fun and challenge.

Goat: This list could go on forever. But near the top of the list right now are box jumps, thrusters and muscle-ups.

Daily CrossFit Go to site: What sites do you frequent the most for CrossFIt updates and information? I check CFNM every day, 38 North most days, and sometimes CrossFit Main site.

Favorite Cheat Food: Sugar and alcohol!!! I love sweets! And a good margarita.

Favorite CrossFit Athlete: Miranda Oldroyd. Her story of recovering from a broken neck and coming back so strong and fearless is so inspiring to me. She is also an amazing specimen of an athlete and it’s awe-inspiring to watch her compete and to see the strength potential that a woman can achieve.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Registared Nurse
  • Certified Yoga Instructor


  • Coach, CrossFit North Marin
  • Coach, CrossFit 38 Degrees North

Athletic Achievements

  • 2014 CrossFit Games OPEN | Top 15 Masters Female
  • 2012 CrossFit Games NorCal Regionals [Affiliate Team]

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