November 8, 2017 Crossfit North Marin

Ryan S.

Ryan is a San Francisco native. Her passion for fitness started at 3 years old, when her mom stuck her in ballet classes in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Even though ballet was not her calling, her mother quickly realized that her brute strength and size at 4 years old was not to be wasted. By 8 years old, Ryan was swimming and playing soccer on nationally ranked teams. Ballet was just a mere flash in the pan. Ryan competed for the University of Hawaii Wahine Water Polo team at the Division 1 level, where she discovered Yoga and CrossFit. Though her coaches would not let her miss class or practice for her yoga practice or CrossFit workouts, she stuck with it and brought her namaste/beast mode attitude into the pool.

After college Ryan used CrossFit as a way to forget her stresses, improve her athletic abilities, and meet new people. CrossFit is more than a work out, it is a way of life. Each class you are taught so many lessons: humility, inner strength, and the power of your community.

Ryan is TRX certified, CrossFit Level 1 certified, and a USA water polo coach and athlete. She is beyond ‘stoked’ to be a member of the CrossFit North Marin Team!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • TRX Trainer
  • USAWP Coach
  • SafeSport Certified


  • Coach, CrossFit North Marin
  • Instructor, Marin Power Yoga

Athletic Achievements

  • Most Valuable Defensive Player at University of Hawaii, 3 years
  • Bridge to Bridge Swim
  • All-American Water Polo Player
  • Olympic Club Women’s Water Polo Member